In this camp session, DAX expert, Phil Seamark, will teach campers how to query and modify Power BI datasets using C#, Visual Studio Code and the extensions to the Analysis Management Object (AMO) client library known as the Tabular Object Model (TOM). The session will explain how to connect to a local data model running in Power BI Desktop as well as how to connect to data models in the Power BI Service through the XMLA endpoint.
Campers will learn how to write and test C# programs in Visual Studio Code to automate some of the more tedious aspects of building Power BI data models as well as how to integrate these programs into Power BI Desktop with its support for external tools. The session will also demonstrate how to automate creating new datasets in the Power BI Service and adding tables, columns and measures.

What Campers Will Learn:

  • Setup a computer with the required software and developer tools

Session Prerequisites

Attendees should be familiar with C# and programming with the .NET Framework. It is also recommended that attendees understand the basic concepts of building a data modeling with Power BI Desktop.