The React-JS developer community is currently migrating from the classic React programming model with class-based components and lifecycle methods to the more modern approach using functional components and hooks. The month's Power BI bootcamp session provides a quick primer on modern React-JS development and demonstrates how to create an SPA application which calls the Power BI REST API and implements User-Owns-Data embedding. Along the way, campers will learn to use Material UI React components to build the user interface and will also learn to authenticate users with Azure AD using Microsoft-recommended libraries and best practices.

What Campers Will Learn:

  • Learn modern React-JS programming using functional components
  • Learn when and how to program with hooks to manage state
  • Learn best practices for authenticating users in an SPA using MSAL.js V2
  • Learn to call the Power BI REST API from an SPA application
  • Learn to create an SPA that implements User-Owns-Data embedding

Session Prerequisites

Campers should familiar with using TypeScript and programming the Power BI JavaScript API. Previous experience with React is recommended but not required.