This session will explore advanced dataset programming techniques using both the Power BI Service API and the Tabular Object Model (TOM). The session explains how to use the Power BI Service API to import PBIX files, update dataset parameters, set datasource credentials and start refresh operations. Campers will also learn how to create and clone datasets in the Power BI Service as well as how to write the code to extend the data model for a dataset by adding tables, columns, measures, hierarchies and table relationships. This session will also cover the essential dataset management topics including how to automate setting datasource credentials and and running dataset refresh operations. Along the way, camper will learn when and how to run automated dataset operations using a service principal instead of a user identity.

What Campers Will Learn:

  • Managing Datasets using the Power BI Service API

Session Prerequisites

Campers should be familiar with C# and developing with the .NET Framework.