This session will build upon the earlier Power BI Dev Camp session which examined embedding reports with the Power BI JavaScript API. In this session, campers will learn to develop single page applications (SPAs) to embed Power BI reports using the ever-popular React.js library. The session will explain how to set up a new React.js development project using Node.js, TypeScript, webpack and Visual Studio Code. The session will also demonstrate best practices in SPA development for authenticating users and acquiring access tokens using Microsoft's new authentication library named msal-browser. Campers will also learn how to design an SPA application using React components for routing, navigation and Power BI embedding.

Session Prerequisites

Campers should have prior experience developing with Node.js, TypeScript, webpack and Visual Studio Code. Camper without this background should watch Power BI Dev Camp session #3 titled Deep Dive into the Power BI JavaScript API before attending or watching this session.

Watch the video from December 17, 2020

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